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Introduction 简介

We are a media tech start-up ⚗️ focusing on short video content under 4 minutes.

我们是一家「自媒体+科创」小公司 ⚗️,自媒体形式以四分钟以下的小视频为主。

Our current plan is to produce one to five videos each week on liberal arts and tech. We want to produce content that will help people to better understand and appreciate concepts in arts and philosophy as well as in computer science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, etc.


On the tech side we aim to develop a set of AI-enhanced tools 🔱 to reduce video production time and lower the barriers to entry for short explanatory video production. We want to develop tools that will encourage more people to produce video content that are both informative and entertaining.

科创方面我们会开发AI小工具 🔱 来帮助减低小视频制作时间,同时降低制作干货小视频的门槛。我们希望我们开发的工具可以让更多人去尝试制作不乏味的信息型小视频。

We will be launching Archy, a mobile app 📟 🔱 for short explanatory video production, in early 2020.

我们将会在2020年上旬上架「吖奇APP」:一个科普/博雅小视频制作APP 📟 🔱。

Future Plans 未来打算

Contrary to popular belief, China’s content industry is still in its infancy 🐥, or a pioneering stage so to speak, at least from our point of view. We expect China’s content industry to undergo a short-video transformation in the next five years as China’s short-video industry grows and matures. Competition will escalate and technologies 📟, softwares 🔱, and services 🛎️ related to content production ⚗️ and content monetisation 💵 will grow considerably in market sizes.

与流行的信念相反,我们相信当今国内内容产业仍处于初具雏形阶段 🐥。随着短视频行业发展更成熟,内容产业未来五年会有巨大变化,竞争会指数性增大。「内容变现 💵」和「内容制造 ⚗️」相关的科技 📟、工具 🔱 和服务 🛎️ 在市场规模方面有待大幅度扩张。

We will be launching a SaaS platform in mid 2020 to provide tools 📟 🔱 and services 🛎️ to help small and medium brands to set up and manage a lean and high-performance in-house short explanatory video production team 🎪 , as well as helping out in the content marketing 🌿 processes afterwards.

2020年中旬我们将会上架一个SaaS平台来提供工具 📟 🔱 和服务 🛎 帮助中小品牌搭建和管理精简、效率高的科普/博雅小视频制作团队 🎪,以及帮助策划和执行后期一系列的「内容营销 🌿」流程。

After gaining a foothold in the Chinese market, we will be looking to scale up internationally 🚢 (2021~2022). Our next step is to develop a data visualisation and concept visualisation platform (2022~2023) bringing together video producers and 3D animators to design and create visualisation & effects assets for short explanatory video production.

在国内市场有了一定立足后我们将会出海 🚢(2021~2022年)。下一步我们希望可以吸引国内外的视频制作人以及3D动画师加入我们打造一个「数据可视化」和「概念可视化」的视觉素材制作平台(2022~2023年)来帮助制作高质量的科普/博雅小视频。

We believe that good short explanatory videos are the key to generate interest and enthusiasm in this era of fragmented attention spans. And along the path of human progress as a civilisation, these videos will serve as a powerful dataset to help artificial intelligence in the processing of human concepts as well as gaining a deeper insight into how humans compute and think.


R&D-wise we will be looking into augmented reality 🔮, human-computer interaction research 🧙, extended intelligence 🧝, and other related areas. As technologies like AR glasses and Brain–Machine Interfaces (BMI) become more mature in the next decade, human civilisation will be entering an age of human-machine symbiosis, a cyborg age. In 2025~2027 we will be releasing an AR glasses application and in 2027~2030 an BMI application. Our goal is to bridge the gap between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

科研方面我们将会进攻「AR 🔮」、「新型交互技术 🧙」和「扩展智能 🧝」等领域。随着「AR眼镜」和「脑机接口」技术在未来十年逐渐变得更成熟,人类将逐步踏入一个『人与机器逐渐一体化』的赛博格时代。这意味着我们在2023~2025年将会上架一个「AR眼镜科普/博雅APP」和在2027~2030年上架一个「脑机接口APP」。我们的目标是『弥合人类智能与人工智能之间的鸿沟』。

The Team 团队

It’s just me at the moment.


Archy Will He 魏何阿奇

My name is Archy Will He (also known as Weiqi He). I’m the CEO of ArchyShuō. I started coding and doing graphic design when I was 12. I wrote a maths visualisation app at the age of 16 as a start-up attempt, after which I started working as a freelancer and embarked on a journey of autodidacticism, mainly self-studying computer science and formal logic. At the age of 19 I completed a Ph.D. course on Programming Language Theory in the National University of Singapore (NUS) while vagabonding as a none-student, and wrote and published two papers, one on combinatorics and the other on number theory. At the age of 20 I developed a mobile game with an affective computing AI and my team was invited to participate in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2017. At the age of 21 I started a project on emotion recognition and got accepted into an accelerator by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). At the age of 22 I co-founded a Singapore-based art tech AR start-up and secured funding from both NUS Enterprise and Enterprise Singapore. At the age of 23 I have now moved back to China, currently studying Chinese and working full-time on Project ArchyShuō. In my free time I like to write poems, learn about contemporary art, dance and research on death and consciousness.

魏何阿奇,简称阿奇(Archy),本名何魏奇。吖奇说CEO。12岁开始写代码与做平面设计。16岁写了一个数学可视化APP尝试创业,并开始接IT杂活和自修数学逻辑与计算机学等感兴趣的学科。19岁在新加坡国立大学(NUS)以非学生身份完成PLT博士课程,并发表了一篇组合数学与一篇数论论文。20岁开发的情感AI游戏APP受邀参加TechCrunch伦敦科创大赛。21岁开始的情感识别AI项目入驻马来西亚国家级孵化器MaGIC。22岁创办的艺术科技AR公司陆续获取新加坡国立大学企业机构(NUS Enterprise)的创业基金与新加坡政府企业发展局(Enterprise Singapore)的创业基金。现23岁,海归了,正在苦读中文和全职做吖奇说这个项目。工作外喜欢写诗、了解当代艺术、跳舞和探讨死亡与意识。

Cup Noodle: With friends from Catholic High modern dance (2015) 《泡面:与Catholic High中学现代舞朋友》 (2015)

● ● ●

We would start expanding our team when things are less ad hoc as workflows and business processes get more well-defined through experimentation.


Contact 合作联系

email me at a@0a.io

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